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This Community Was Designed to Help You Deepen Your Gifts and Reactivate Your Intuition



And you don't have to be alone with your gifts. 

You might have a hunch that you are intuitive and not sure what to do next, or you might already be using your intuition every day. 

You want a place where you can regularly explore, practice and deepen your intuition in a space that feels safe, inclusive and inspiring with a diverse group of people. 

You want to be a part of a community where you can intelligently talk about things like mediumship, dreams, ancestors and your spiritual reactivation.

You have found your intuitive home.


Meet and Learn

  • Connect locally and globally with people living an intuition-led life
  • Swap stories, share your experiences, and learn new things along the
    intuitive path
  • Learn from guest teachers, other intuitives and practitioners from around
    the world
  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective every day


  • Enjoy monthly Energy Forecasts, guided meditations, intuitive development, practical tools, rituals, excerises and deepen energy healing
  • Access the full library of all past forecasts, meditations, and incantations
  • Tap into resources designed to help you develop your intuition within a like-minded community


  • Experience exclusive content and conversations
  • Join members-only LIVE sessions with Natalie where she offers guidance for the group that she doesn't share anywhere else
  • Join Natalie in the monthly book club to dig deeper into the skills, knowledge and practices in her book, You Are Intuitive: Trust Your Truth. Take Back Your Power. 
  • Enjoy discounts on courses, workshops and events

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The Doorway


Safe Space

You will belong to a private space specifically designed for you to reactivate, grow and trust your intuition.


New Connections

You will belong to a diverse intuitive community that you can connect and grow with.

Exclusive Experiences

You will belong to a private platform that gives you live events, special guests, conversations, and workshops not available anywhere else.

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